Labour Party conference 2014

by Administrator September 24, 2014

The Labour Party conference revealed their emerging policies for children and young people – says Zoe Renton and Heather Ransom from the NCB policy team.

NCB policy staff have just returned from a busy Labour Party conference. At fringe events we attended, shadow education ministers, Tristram Hunt and Lucy Powell, set out their respective plans for schools and early years, and we learned that the NHS would be key to Labour’s manifesto.

Improving the capabilities of teachers and practitioners to work with children and young people would be a Labour government’s first priority.  In early years, the focus would be on implementing the Nutbrown Review recommendations – including supporting all staff to acquire a level 3 qualification. This is something NCB has been actively campaigning for as we know that well-qualified staff make a real difference to children’s outcomes.  In education, Tristram Hunt would ensure all teachers working in state-funded schools hold a teaching qualification, and teachers who have taken on senior leadership roles would be enabled to continue to work in the classroom. New Directors of School Standards would act as a conduit between schools and the Department for Education, working with parents, schools, local businesses and community leaders, on local education decisions.

Providing the tools to ensure children’s services work together more innovatively, through the pooling of resources and funds, was seen as a key principle. For instance, Lucy Powell would like to see an increase in the funding of the Early Years Pupil Premium to encourage providers to work together and develop new interventions that support children’s learning and development.   In addition, she envisages making greater use of children’s centres so that more two year olds can have a free early education place; few children’s centres now provide on-site childcare.  

It is clear that the NHS will be a central theme in Labour’s election manifesto – it featured as one of the six national goals set out by Ed Miliband in his leader’s speech on Tuesday. At a fringe event with the British Medical Association, Nuffield Trust and Royal College of Nursing, Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, gave us a preview of his vision for an integrated health and care service – a ten-year plan for whole person care.  However, it remains to be seen (or explained) how this vision will translate for children and young people, or result in improved services, experiences and outcomes for these often overlooked NHS users, particularly in the context of an ageing population.

As we found in our report with the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health, Why children die, an additional 2,000 children die in the UK each year, compared to the best performing nations in Europe. In fact, studies show that the UK has the second worst childhood mortality rate, linked to high rates of childhood poverty and social inequality. Many of these deaths could be prevented if health and care services better met children’s needs, with children dying from treatable conditions – such as asthma – and as a result of untreated mental health problems culminating in suicide or self-harm. Andy Burnham welcomed being reminded to ‘think child’ as these proposals are developed.  

Check back next week for a snapshot of the Conservative Party conference.

Zoe Renton and Heather Ransom, NCB’s policy and public affairs team.

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